Insurance professionals who truly work for you

Not all insurance agents are created equal. At MedChi Insurance Agency, we go out of our way to treat our clients like people and we use our industry experience and diversified knowledge base to protect what you value most in business and in life.


Shelly Brouse

Chief Executive Officer
410-539-6642 ext. 4403


Terry Jory

Operations & HR Manager
410-539-6642 ext. 4432

Sandy Boughan

Accounting and Systems Coordinator
410-539-6642 ext. 3329


Tracey Hamilton

Tracey Hamilton

Sales Executive, Employee Benefits
410-539-6642, ext 4428


Ronald Kendall

Sr. Sales Executive, Commercial Insurance
410-539-6642 ext. 4431


Debbie Raver

Commercial Insurance Service Manager
410-539-6642 ext. 4420


Jennifer Brubach

Account Manager, Commercial Insurance
410-539-6642 ext. 4429

Bianca Daniels

Administrative Assistant, Commercial Insurance
410-539-6642 ext. 4421


Denine Davis

Account Manager, Commercial Insurance
410-539-6642 ext. 4418

Kate Reese

Account Manager, Commercial Insurance
410-539-6642 ext. 4419


Diana Smith

Employee Benefits Service Manager
410-539-6642 ext. 4423

Stacy Kuhrmann

Account Manager, Employee Benefits
410-539-6642 ext. 4426

Board of Directors

Harbhajan Ajrawat, M.D.


Thomas E. Allen, M.D.


Adam Kane, J.D.


Shannon P. Pryor, M.D.

MedChi Treasurer

Allan D. Jensen, M.D.

Board Member

Allan R. Rutzen, M.D.

Board Member

Mark S. Seigel, M.D.

Board Member

Benjamin Z. Stallings, M.D.

Board Member

Rebecca Altman, RN

Board Member

Lee A. Snyder, M.D.

Board Member